December 2014 :

We will be at Espace Charenton, on December 13rd and 14th  :

with Lennox Van de Borg, Calvin Coon's Hercule, Calvin Coon's Hola Dora,

Calvin Coon's Jamie Lee, Calvin Coon's Jarod

Come to meet us  !

September 2014 :


- We were september 20th and 21st  at AFPL Show in Chartres


with Calvin Coon's Hot Chocolate and Calvin Coon's Indiana Jones

Hot Chocolate was nominated BIS on sunday and Indiana Jones was BIV saturday.

They made their CAC.




- We were on September 28th  at ACF Show in Reims


with Calvin Coon's Indiana Jones, Calvin Coon's Hercule,

Calvin Coon's Hot Chocolate, Calvin Coon's First Frou-Frou

Indiana Jones was nominated BIS and BIV became Champion

Hot Chocolate was nominated BIS and became Champion

First Frou-Frou became Champion

Hercule became Internation Grant Champion.

July 2014 :

On July 6th we were at Mazure feline show (nearby Charleville Mezière)

show very well organised by Ufica M. Tony Jacques

Calvin Coon's Jamie-Lee was nominated BIS and BIV


 March 2014 :

 We were at Evreux Show on April, 20th 2014


February 2014 : Birth of Gaga Lady & Darius's babies on 02/22/2014

 2 boys red tabby or solid and 1 girl Brown tortie tabby


Janvier 2014 :

We were at Exposition Baltard (Nogent sur Marne), weekend of January 17th et 18th with :

Aldaker Darius & Calvin Coon's Indiana Jones

2014 baltard

Aldaker Darius gets his two last CACE in France. Only one title is missing to be Européan Champion.

Calvin Coon's Indiana Jones gets a special price and nom. BIS on Sathurday. Nomination BIS on Sunday too


December 2013 :


We were at Espace Charenton cat show in Paris, weekend of December 7th et 8th with :

Aldaker Darius, Calvin Coon's Henry Cat,

 Calvin Coon's Ix Blue Notes et Calvin Coon's Indiana Jones

 The show was very nice and pleasant !

Expo charenton 2013


July 2013 :

Calvin Coon's Goldfinger & Calvin Coon's Hercule

are proud parents of  4 kitten born on July 10th, 2013

2 boys: 1 red tabby & white and 1 red tabby

2 girls: 1 black tortie tabby and 1 bleu tortie tabby

soon pictures will come

If you would like to have one of our baby, please e-mail us.

Babies will be available mid-october 2013


March 2013 : We were at Compiègne with Calvin Coon's Hola Dora and Henry Cat

                       They did both Special Prize and their CAC !

                       Bravo to our 2012's babies !


January 2013 :

We were at Batlard Féline Show on 19 & 20 january 2013

Lennox Van de borg : Best of Best Maine Coon (the best maine coon at Baltard) on Saturday and Best Honnor on Sunday

Calvin Coon's Hercule : Prix spécial and nomination BIS Saturday and Sunday

Calvin Coon's Hola Dora : Best Variété Saturday

Lindhardt's Sweet Clementine : CAC Saturday and CACI Sunday

Bravo to Calvin Coon's Crew !


December 2012 : We were at  Espace Charenton (Paris) on December 15&16

                                   cats on board : Fanni de la Vallée de Rosey

                                                            Cavlin Coon's First Frou-Frou

                                                            Calvin Coon's Hola Dora,

                                                            Calvin Coon's Hercule,

                                                            Hermès des Hiboux du Maine


November 2012 : We were at  Gagny(93) feline show on november, 18th 2012

                                    cats on board : Eline & Fanni de la Vallée de Rosey 

                                                            Calvin Coon's Hola Dora

 June 2012 :



Pascal Segalini, Lindhardt's Sweet Clementine et Barbara Ray (Willowplace cattery USA - Tica juge)


We were at the TICA show in Gagny on June 23rd and 24th with Lennox and Sweet Clementine

Lennox did not improved is Quadruple Champion status

Sweet for her first Tica Show made a Special Maine Coon Final and arrived 8th best Maine coon of the show under 24 cats ! this was done by Barbara Ray (willowplace famous Maine Coon breeder in USA) We are very proud of her !  


May 2012 : First pictures of Calvin & Usara's Babies !    

April 2012 :

Babies of Usara and Calvin are born on April 10th ! 2 boys and 3 girls, pictures soon !

Happy Birthday   to Sweet Clementine who is 1 year old on April 8th!

Show :

Christiane was at Evreux (France) on April 8th

with First Frou-Frou and Sweet Clementine who made their point !

Sweet Clementine gave us a bonus with a Best Variety

Séverine for our pleasure presented Calvin Coon's First Falcon !

Soon on our website a new page with show pictures and results !

 Christiane & Sweetp4070007.jpg


March 2012 :

Happy birthday to Eline. She is 3 years hold on March 27th ! my lovely doll !

No show for March.

Babies : We are waiting for the First babies of Usara and Calvin on first days of April !


February 2012 :

20/02 : New pictures of Calvin Coon's Goldfingers ! click on the following smiley Cool

Results of Cambrai Feline Show on February 26th :

Fanni de la Vallée de Rosey had her CAC & Eline de la Vallée de Rosey had her CACE

Calvin Coon's First-Froufrou had her CACIB & First-Fleur had her CAC and a Best Variety !

Lindhardt's Sweet Clementine had her CAC

Congratulations to all girls !  Rigolant

Happy Birthday to:

Engel du Trésor Blanc is 3 years old on February the 8th, 2012 !

Happy Birthday to our love CHOUCHOU ! 


January 2012 :

We were at  Baltard Feline Show in Nogent-sur-Marne (nearby Paris) on January 21st and 22nd !

We were with our loving girl "Lindhardt's Sweet Clementine" !

Results :

Saturday : BIV and Nomination BIS                  Sunday : Nomination BIS

We are very proud of Sweet Clementine !


Happy Birthday to :

Aldaker Darius will be 4 years old on January 18th !

Lennox Van de Borg will be 4 years old on January 25th !

Fanni de la Vallée de Rosey will be 2 years old on January 28th !



December 2011 :

Show in Liège (Belgium) on 12/04/2011 :

with Eline de la Vallée de Rosey, Calvin Coon's First Frou-Frou and Lindhart's Sweet Clementine.

Results :

Eline became Great International Champion , Bravo !

First Frou-Frou became Internationa Champion , Bravo !

Sweet Clémentine : EXC 1 ! with congratulations from Judges because of her very good type and strong bowning for a so young girl !

Birthday : on December 20th Usara will be 2 years old ! Happy birthday Usara !


November 2011 :

11/30/2011 : Birth of single baby of Fanni and Lennox ! pictures soon !


October 2011 :

SHOW :        CHARLEVILLE MEZIERE on October 29th et 30th  "fancy dress with Halloween !"

with Lennox Van de Borg, Eline de la Vallée de Rosey, Calvincoon’s First Frou-Frou and Lindhardt’s Sweet Clementine

Results : 410 cats for this show !

Lennox Van de Borg : Best Honnor both day

Eline de la Vallée de Rosey : CAGCI Saturday and CACE Sunday

Calvin Coon's First FrouFrou : CAC Saturday and CACIBSunday

Lindhardt's Sweet  Clementine : EXC1 both day, Nominated BIS Sunday, Special Prize on Sunday

Congratulations for all the cats


September 2011 :

Our cat’s familly is growing. Sweet Clementine came to us from Danemark. Soon we will create a webpage for her. Thanks to Bettina and Stefan for their trust !



We went to Reims Show on September 10th and 11th with :

Calvin des Hiboux du Maine, Eline de la Vallée de Rosey, Calvincoon’s First Frou-Frou et Lindhardt’s Sweet Clementine !

First show for our Sweet Clementine who made Exc1 both days with very nice compliments from Judges.

Calvin des Hiboux du Maine was BIS Honnor both days. Eline de la Vallée de Rosey had her CAGCIs. Calvincoon’s First Frou-Frou had her first two CACs and was nominated saturday for BIS.

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