Farewell for Rubina


For our Loving baby, our Dream :

You were just 16 months old.

At the time of Christmas celebration when all members of family are together and sharing Christmas tree and presents with happyness, we learnt that you were ill.

We did not understand. Your fur was not so bright but you were still coming under blanket to be nearby us, you were still eating properly and you were playing with your friends Usara and Fanni.

As your fur was not very good we went to the Vet who made blood test. We were thinking about Anemia or you did not have enough vitamins or minerals. We were sure that everything will go smoothly and will become normal after some medecine.

Then the result of blood test was a nightmare. It was very serious. Perhaps a virus, the vet was not sure. To prevent your friends from any illness and to avoid you to be in a room alone. We decided to bring you in the house of our sons Eric and Laurent. This way you will have a normal life with big cat's trees and cuddle and love only for you. Pascal was with you all the week and Christiane was taking care of all the other cats but she was feeling guilty because she was not with you.

We hardly believed that you were able to go throught. We made all things possible to allow you to fight. Our friends hold us in this difficult event. Some breeders that we  know but that we do not see often, offered their help and experience. Some of them made much kms to bring us medecine that were not available in France. Christiane went to internet and bougth "miracle medecine". But nothing succeed. Your immune system was going away and other diseases were coming but nevertheless up to the end you fought.

My brave small soldier, it is so difficult to say to you "Goodbye". With Pascal we will never forget you. You are for ever our "Dream" my Love.


Here is the page and presentation which we had built her on our website. By going on her photo, you can see our memories.


Nickname : Rourou

She is born in Germany at Ira Jacob home, on November 3rd, 2009.  She is Black Mackerel Torbie.

She is our third Maine Coon girl. Rubina is a dream come true. We were looking for a "mackerel" girl with wild look and we felt in Love with Rubina at the first glance.  She is strong and she has very long legs. When she was a baby she was looking at a pretty doll. Her very high ears give her a "Rabitt look". Rubina is very nice to leave with but she likes to get some independance. She loves playing all the time with Usara and Fanni. In her mind she is still a baby like the way Darius is. She loves to get fresh water in the bathtub. If you come to the bathroom, you will see "speedy Rubina" running so fast that her body stick the ground. She is coming from everywhere to get there before you. She is becoming crazy with the bathtub ;-) She is a XXXL baby girl.

Thanks to Ira to give us Rubina and thank you so much for your welcome when we came to you.                                                                         Your "gratin dauphinois" is fantastic !