Calvin's Girls



Nickname : Nini

Fanni is born on January 28th, 2010 in Belgium at Marie-Madeleine Navez home. She is black silver Torbie. She is the half sister of our Eline. Her Mom is Divine de la Vallée de Rosey.

She is our fifth Maine Coon girl and mainly our "Surprise" girl. Fanny was not planned at all. This "Demoiselle" had not find yet her family and Marie-Madeleine wished her to be with us. We did not fight very longtime in front of her lovely face. Fanni is the best friend for Usara.

Thank you so much, Marie-Madeleine, for your trust.




Nickname : Frou-Frou

First Frou-Frou is born on October 27th, 2010 at home. She is Red  blotched tabby and white.

It is our sixth daughter Maine Coon and it is especially the first girl born in the house.
She has leader's character. Always a small idea to make stupidities. But always a soft glance to be forgiven.






 Nickname : Crevette (Shrimp)

First Frou-Frou is born on October 27th, 2010 at home. She is Red Silver blotched tabby and white.

It is our seventh small flea. She has a bright color and princess's character. She looks a lot like her dad. She is an adorable playfellow and with her sister they put of the atmosphere in the house.

She is big and has a very strong skeleton. She has beautiful ears with attractive Lynx types.

She is our girl love 











Nickname : Sweety, Clem

Sweet Clementine is born in Danemark on April 8th, 2011. She is black mackerel tortie tabby.

She is the young baby of the family. If there is something bad to do : she is the one to think of it and to do it  ! She likes to be the boss and even if she is the youngest of the group she is dominant ! She loves water and she is always puting water out of the plate ;-) But also she likes to be with us and to play or to be in our harms to sleep.

Thank you Bettina and Stefan for this wonderfull girl. We hope that she will be as nice as her parents. Many thanks again










Nickname :  "G", Goldy, Globule, Grifouille, Terreur

 Goldfingers is born on November, 30th 2011 at Villecresnes. She is Red blotched Tabby.

She is the single and unik baby of Lennox Van de Borg and Fanni de la Vallée de Rosey.

A sensational color, a muzzle of hell! Attractive lynx types ! We hope that she will be also attractive as her Dad and Mom !

A well asserted character but so sweet and so soft when she wants ! 

She is the baby !